Dont go near airdrops

Since the airdrops returned to official servers yesterday i was instantly reminded why it is a terrible idea to go towards them (and no i will not stop playing on official servers). Even though its humorous to see hackers super jump up to the drop before it even hits the ground, its not so fun when one drops over you and every hacker on the server rushes to compete in a battle of aimbots to see who can hack the best, and unfortunately everybody within 1000 meters gets caught in the crossfire. This gives the best hacker unlimited supplies of C4 and ammunition.

In my opinion, airdrops should not happen on official servers since hackers are the only ones capable of getting them

yeh, bad idea

there aren’t just one or two hackers there, there are groups of them


It wouldn’t hurt so bad if they weren’t bragging about it in chat :frowning: So blatant… so blatant.

Don’t play official servers then.

What’s the point of complaining? When you have the option to leave and actually play Rust with (mostly legit) players?

(if you don’t see it as complaining, then ask yourself why make this thread)

Lol wow didn’t realize how poor of a state the official servers are in. I’ve never played one but logically one would assume they would be the most protected/enforced. Guess not, the private server I play on has Cheatpunch + VAC-Ban auto-kick and we’ve had zero problems.

They don’t really care plus got the people to monitor offical servers, and they actually shouldn’t at this point. Since it’s currently youknowwhatstage i don’t think there is any use of having admins on there. Sure it would lower it down, but they will just hop to community servers.

Atleast most of them are on official instead of community servers.

And yes, that’s a good thing. (atleast for me)

I have literally no idea why people still play on official servers, really. I have 680 hours of Rust and I didn’t have much problems with hackers. Why? Because I pick servers with good/fair admins. Easy.

It so true, I only have played on official servers and it’s horrible at times and I keep telling myself I need to go to a private server. I have been planning to move on after the next wipe but the damn wipe has never happened since I made that plan.

I tried once to switch and found a good server. The problem was it only lasted a week then there was that forced wipe. The population crashed and server was abandoned by the owner. So I just continued where I left off on the public servers.

I have a feeling that when anyone says, “Oh, he is FOR SURE A HACKER” it’s because they themselves were out aimbotted. The ones yelling “he is hacking” are the ones that know all about it.

Just my opinion. I can only tell by 20 foot jumps and speed running. When it comes to being shot, dying looks all the same to me.


If players are unable to play on official game server because of massive abuse from hackers, somethings wrong.
How would new players know to avoid official servers ?

Its easy to tell when you are getting aimbotted.

This game isn’t in a finished state. Anybody who is purchasing rust at this point should be going to the forums to contribute to the development. If they choose to neglect the forums where all this information circulates, then that’s their own problem. Worry about the safety of official servers when the game releases officially.

Holly gamma abuse, that hurts my eyes to even look at it. I hope you had the gamma cranked just for the video.

Of course i boosted the gamma in post… When you increase your gamma all it does is change the signal being sent to your screen. Fraps cant capture increases or decreases in gamma on your card

I don’t see how anyone can play with the gamma up that high. I think I had a seizure. And just the fact he got a headshot with a 9mm while he was standing still means aimbot? Maybe he had his gamma up too, lol.

The gamma was not high in game. When i rendered the video i increased it so you could see

Let’s be honest, no one gets a head shot with a 9mm :stuck_out_tongue: that gun is just terrible, I’d rather take my chances with my rock.

On the topic of aim bots, its the fact that every shot is a head shot and its usually 1-2 shot kill no matter what. I have also seen other hacks where you die from 1-2 shots no matter what. The person hits you in the chest once with a p250 and you die at 100 health in kevalar

Here is a better video of the hacks / aimbotting


I have gotten the one where I always die to a shot in the “hip” from the same person. Some of the cheats allow you to tweak were you hit and how often you miss so a cheaters can try and hide their ways which makes no sense. If your a loser cheater just at least have the courage to own up to it and do it right. There was one guy who was killing everybody with a rock, I told him he was a lame cheater but at least doing it with style.

If your cheating and trying to make it look like your good so you get “game cred” or whatever your looking for, your so much more desperate and sad than a blatant cheater in my book.