Don't Go This Rust Server (Abusing)

First I dont speak English very Well

Plz , understand,

This server is Admin’s Abusing server

Their attitude was good worsened considerably

i Was enjoying the game

And killed a man dressed in leather clothes

However, i tried farming that the body But

Admin’s ID Seach that the body

Anybody No around.

Admin suddenly Come from Far away

me and my Friend dressed in Kevlar but pipe shotgun and shoot one shot and killed from Admin

I knew the iD of the admin [ Their Name is Gixxer and Lirael ]

I appealed to the admin

“Abusing is a little bit suspect”

Admin Say to me " Drop it , if you dont i will be ban "

The other guys say " i suspect abusing on this server"

And i’m banned that sever

sever’s Name " [US West] New Server LoTF (PVP l Sleepers l Doorshare l 1/4 Craft )

Thank you for having to read my Write

come to VonKeiser UK , our admins never abuse.

Next time



a normal


as he said he is not english so stop being childish

As the owner of this server, this player was asked to stop spamming in chat as well as type in English only. He refused to follow the rules of this server so he was banned. If anybody would like proof, I can provide you the back-end chat logs. Additionally, there is no admin abuse on this server because I am the only one with rcon access. The only other administrator is a friend of mine with limited oxmin access.

We have a great community and are hoovering at around ~70 players peak after just 2 days of being launched and live. I’d also like to add, as exhibited by the screenshot, this is a US West server, not a Korea server.

Being English has nothing to do with formatting your text properly.

Just because someone speaks a different language doesn’t automatically make them ignorant of writing conventions.
Paragraphs, spacing, etc. are universal to almost all languages.

The language barrier provides a bad environment between players and admins. The fact is that the two were lagged out (read: from korea) and when they unlagged they were dead by me. After this was was explained to them they refused to accept it and began shouting about admin abuse and ignoring our discussion. They were warned not to spam and to drop the admin abuse comments because they were baseless accusations but they refused. They were removed from the server for poor behavior and spamming. We will not allow negative behavior to chase other players away, if you do not understand English well enough to communicate then you will not operate well with a server ran by English speakers. The server is labeled US WEST and thus so we will cater our service to those players. If you are from another region then you will have to deal with the adversity that causes. Have a nice day.

To be a little off the main topic, you should brush up on your foreign languages a bit. The sentence structure for the Region (Chinese, japanese, etc etc. At least, as far as i understand it) reads in a top to bottom structure. While they bear the responsibility of at least being comprehensible if they wish to talk on an english forum in english is on them, you should cut them some slack. Seriously, try not to be ignorant.

On topic. Thanks for explaining Gixx. I already take ‘ZOMG ADMIN ABUSE’ threads with a few tons of salt but its nice to see the other side show up. Most often when people go OMG ADMIN ABUSE no such thing happened. These are the people who would whine HAAAAAACKER cuz the dude shot them in the head while they stood still. They won, so obviously a hacker.

Also, most rotton apples that get banned from servers are just that. Rotten apples. They’l go around spewing more rotten ‘information’ to others just to spite the people that wouldnt take their shit.

Then they wouldn’t have gone half-assed, they either would’ve typed all words in a left to right fashion or all words in a top-down fashion instead of having lines of random, varied lengths.

The OP is just bad at formatting, nothing more or less to it. Not that I care that he’s bad at formatting, I just find the reasoning used to defend him silly.