Don't Hack For Your Icing, Zombie!

yabba my icing

Moral of the screenshot:

You Don’t Get Icing With Aimbot


oh yeah the server didnt let u use any weapon apart from the phys gun

didnt let me use camera

Obvious troll is very obvious

I hack when I’m not posing just go on server’s where I can use guns. BLAM BLAM BLAM shoot em’ in the face they die I win, and I shot Dr. HAX in the face so he doesn’t bother me any more.
And I got icing while I was hacking so why shouldn’t the zombie, what are you prejudice?!
In all seriousness, bad posing.

Dr. HAX is showing his serious face, because he’s interested in becoming a thespian.

Someone else done the zombie, i done dr hax

This is madness!

no its sparta!!!

Hey! That’s my quote!

But yeah, what he said.

If you couldn’t use any other gun apart from the physgun how did you use the toolgun to inflate his head.

most servers allow the toolgun too. I don’t think it would’ve made a difference and would’ve rather taken the shot with the physgun because it looks better anyway.

no, it’s shitty picture !