Dont have any server on my list

Hey guys . i have hade rust for a very long time and want to test the new rust but i cant . i dont have any server on my list and i cant join any servers. so what is the problem ?. i have not hacked on this account and i have not done anything with rust more then playing Legacy . i want to try new rust . i got the game 1 - 2 years ago do i need to buy a extension to play on the new rust ? if so where do i buy the extension to play new rust ?

Rust hasn’t even been out for a year.

rust has been out since December last year…
Tho it dosent matter . I want help with my questions

Are you running bitdefender? I don’t see any servers when BD is running. Disable the BD firewall and the servers come up.

Wow yes i am using bit defender . is that the problem ?
Well is there anyway i can fix this with out removing BD i like it and its the best Ati virus i ever hade. Guess ill go back to Norton