Don't join NOX or Darkland servers! VIRUS!

AzuiSleet and/or Mewse has found a way to create .exe executables which are renamed to wut.mdl which can do ANYTHING to your system, including write viruses, backdoors, etc.

Right now, the virus writes a file called lol.lua to your autorun/client/ folder which redirects you to the ZS official server on noxious every time you try and join a server.

But this is tame in it’s nature and can be prevented against. What can’t be prevented against is if he decides to write a full fledged virus/backdoor and spread it through other communities, as he is doing with Darkland servers.

Bottom line,


If you have been infected with this virus already, my only suggestion is to delete your garrysmod folder and restart gmod. If that doesn’t work, well then your screwed.

I’d like to thank Nick Tellis for providing me with this information.

Here’s some proof that this exists.

lol. Priceless. :smiley:


I also believe that it is: you’re. :wink:

I don’t play NoX. Or those other people.

I played on NoX a few times, not a lot, but I was fine.

NoX is fine. And so is Darkland.

I’m a constant NoX server player. I just checked said folder (lua/autorun/client). It doesn’t exist. He is a liar.

Look at his avatar.

Sir, I do believe you just earned a Zing! rating.

If we want a grammar nazi, we shall ask for it.

Is there some how irony in that post, Stylee?

Think what you want, but I’m just giving you guys a heads up. Join the NOX ZS server then try and join another server. You will be redirected to NOX again.


My avatar decides the information being false, how?

Fine. I’m going to test it out.

I already did.

You’ve probably clicked connect to soon.

are you from chillzone?

Well if that is true, then wouldn’t it make sense that this is a sad attempt at getting more traffic to their own servers? Perhaps they wrote it in order to redirect everyone who was once on their server, back to it again. Maybe this really isn’t the work of AzuiSleet and/or Mewse as you asserted. I think you should get your facts straight.

Ok. He is really full of shit. Just checked it out. I joined all NoX servers, then joined another persons server. Nothing. Then I quit Gmod and went into my autorun/client folder. No lol.lua.

You sir, have just been caught in the act.


The avatar represents that the user has not put in his own avatar. That goes along with the member being new.

And being new matters how?

Good deal, glad you found out that this guy is full of it. Perhaps this thread can be put to rest.

Ask the guy who originally mentioned his avatar.

But the stereotype for new people is that most of them are idiots, or just ignorant/uninformed.

Azu wanted TheChillZone to host this. I told him that the last we wanted was to have a script that makes even more of our clients leave.

He has it so it makes you join nox, say something along the lines of

and then disconnect.

He linked me to a few logs on the NoxNet site that had incidents of it in there.

The thing itself is real (it’s a .dll renamed as wut.mdl, put in the garrysmod folder and downloaded via something like cache.addlib or something like that [He showed me the code a few hours ago]) but where it is I honestly can’t say.