Don't join PGH SERVER, Admin Abuse

My friend was banned 2 days ago, after some guys managed to dupe the airdrops.
I tried talking with 2 of the admins, yet no one responded, not even gave me the forum so I can complain there.
In those 2 days of playing I have seen a lot of people complaining about admin abuse.

I have voted for to disable the private servers since there are no decent admins.
Thank you, hope someone reads this shitpost

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

PGH is a good server and the Admins are legit you might of had a bad experience but if he duped anything ofc there going to ban him?

Don’t join private servers at all

True story Bring back official Servers

I am the guy that has been banned and I made this account specifically to point out the need to have different server tabs, one for official and one for private servers.

Everybody has the right to have their own server, but I don’t find it necessary or favorable for the game environment to ban solely based on assumptions.

I was fighting some guys that managed to dupe the grenade that spawns the airdrop. After those guys managed to ruin the server the admin must have figured out that I was one of the dupers, so he banned me.

That was the only server I could play on, because I am on the dev version where there are only a couple of servers and only this was populated + the ping was within a reasonable limit.

So the real quest would be:

Would you still enjoy playing the game if after 2-3 days of building your base and gathering resources you would get banned just for some reason that exists only in the admins head? Not to mention that they can abuse spawning items and using god mode all they like…

Props to the guys that voted for filters regarding private/official servers. this needs to be addressed or the game won’t stay enjoyable or competitive in terms of pvp if this shit keeps happening.

official servers died since private servers appeared