Don't join this server (Abusive)

I was happily enjoying some TTT with my friend and I happen to get shot at by the “Etiquette” Owner called The Grim Reaper 1st. I call him out so what happens, I get muted and gagged for calling him out. Therefore I can’t do anything. I go out into the hall to find gun shots being fired by an admin who goes by the name of Envionic. I shoot him and with no way of calling him out I instantly get raging abuse from people saying that I was RDMing.

I kinda brush this off, I’m still not un-muted/un-gagged). I go into the next round to find Grim acting suspiciously. He hides in the corner randomly shooting and chucking grenades into crowds of people. Instinctively I shoot him and kill him. Next thing I know I’m insta-killed by him to find him saying “Have fun, I’m going to crash your game now”. Next thing I know, I’m at my desktop.

Guy’s Steam Page =
Etiquette Server Page =

The Owner and Admins were also found to breaking their own rules such as “No excessive swearing” and “No ghosting” even though it was pretty obvious.

Thanks for taking the time to view this rant,

I’d advise you avoid this server at any cost.

I was on this server called GamersYard where some admin slayed me for the next three rounds for killing him for being an obvious traitor.

One slay may have been appropriate (not even then really) but three times? Smelled like madmin and needless to say it made me gtfo of the server and never come back again.

Some people just abuse power, there should at least be one warning before any action is taken unless it is serious like DDoS or Hacking.

The logo shows you what you should expect.

Guy prop spams - ask him to stop nicely?
Guy goes gun dealer - shoots 12 people at spawn, ask nicely?

In mass cases it’s okay to ban someone such as mass killing or mass spam but it’s still not okay to crash someone’s game for disobeying a single rule is it? I killed one guy in compliance with their rules.

eh i’ve seen worse

I usually jail them and force them to apologize if it’s a somewhat minor offense. I’m surprised other admins don’t use the jail command, or at least teleport the player away for a chat for minor things.

I’ve never been a fan of the old crash admin commands. They’ve been possible for years, it’s only recently a bunch of idiotic servers have started using them.

If you don’t want a guy on your server - ban him, it’s your little dictatorship to do as you wish in. Crashing his game? Not cool tbh.

This is a mentality I never really understood for a few rules. For some gamemodes certain rules might need to be explained differently, along with a warning. But some rules, why do they need warned?

It says clearly in the MOTD not to say racist things, that was your warning.

Crashing people is just stupid, be the better person. Don’t fight stupid with stupid.

I used to be a part of a community where there was a code word : Potato Fingers. So if someone new joined and you asked them the code word and they didn’t know, you knew that they hadn’t read the rules.

We should create a massive FP army to go fuck everything up in the name of justice

we already have that. pewdiepie fanboys

organizing raids is a horrible idea

According to this, Envionic is literally 12 (but mature!).,1073.0.html

-snip wrong doodad.

“Lets fight the fact people fuck up things by fucking up things!”

So I decided to do an experiment awhile back.

I had in my rules this:

[li] The Jihad is a troll weapon, it will kill you and no one else, do not use it.
So many people kept using it that I figured out the obvious, no one reads the rules.

I think he’s still banned from our servers from the stream he did :/.