Don't know how call it,just take a look

yay movie like screenshot

Don’t know how call it,just take a look

That’s actually THE NAME for this scene :smiley:

I don’t know how to call the gun, take a look inside ;p

I really like the idea and the angle.

Looks like the rebel could easily push the gun away and trip the cop in a single motion.

no he wouldn’t the human reactions are far faster than you think. The rebel is propably gonna get shot

Pushing the gun away would work, sure, but you totally overestimate the strength a guy lying down has in one leg and underestimate a man’s balance. How would the rebel trip the metro-cop? By swinging one of his legs at the cop’s shins and hoping to knock him down? You’d have to be hella strong for that to work. Trying to grab the cop’s legs between the rebel’s own legs in some sort of grapple wouldn’t work either because the cop would just shoot him.

If you’re going to try and nitpick a cinematic picture by referring to what may or may not happen in a realistic environment, at least think about the situation before you post.

well a very detailed explanation of my post… and interesting to read

Made to rest)

don’t think as good as yours, don’t know how to edit at all, so i just added blur (in game) and a little bit of noise.
surprised the first map i choose was i think was the smae one you used

I think that right metro should’t be here)


like this “I don’t think that right metro should be there” like a quote

or you saying the cop doesn’t looks good standing there.

picture too blurry
in game blood also ruins it
posing looks okay i guess…