don't know how to send pic

how do i send a pic to hopefully win in the competition. also whats a PM

How the fuck did you log on to facepunch?


upload your pic then use the the image button (has a tree with a square in it) and put the image link (should end in .jpg or .png) in the thread

PM - Private Message

best of luck

I want to help you but I have this feeling you are just trolling…

Use photobucket, register for an account > After upload a pick > edit it do what ever you want with then save changes > When you click on the photo > on the lower right should be all of these options to copy for such as HTML or IMG (Choose DIMG).

My Contest pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: Forgot to put the link for photobucket just in case you cannot find it, here you goo

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shit aint right if dead ex-mod rises from his grave to post this

I was almost convinced.