Don't Leave Me (Version 2)

I really just did this because I haven’t posted in a while. Enjoy.

Don’t Leave Me

Comparison (New edit to old edit.)

Comparison (New edit to original.)


(Thank you Castro for critiquing.)

looks fucking sad


thanks for ruining my night :saddowns:

Uh…it turns out she lives? :ohdear:

You have to go d–


Happy to help.
Insert sad comment here

haha he’s drooling on her


is fucking amazing, well done

also the burn job is absolutely atrocious

It’s a tear. Well suppose to be. :v:


Care to explain why?


I can take the criticism, but I’d much rather it actually be constructive. :downs:

The one and only bad thing about it is that the hair doesn’t seem to be affected by light. It gives me great pleasures to me otherwise

I can’t disagree. I haven’t practiced much at hair.

The hair looks too dark and 2D. You need to use way more varying shades with those brushes and add to them with some fine brush strokes of your own to get it looking properly realistic. Check out some digital art tutorials for drawing hair from scratch.

Will do, thanks.

I have to say
The only thing I found weird was the teeth.
Beside that, OVER AWESOMELYgorgeous.

That picture really cheered me up for some reason.


I dunno but you know the feeling when you go from -.- to :buddy:

I guess. v:v:v