"Don't let me see you around here again!"- Francis threating a guy outside a bar

here’s a pic of Francis threatening a guy outside a bar, I kinda realized theirs something wrong with it, if no one says what it is then I’m wrong, but here it is:

C&C much appreciated

The angle could have been much better.

what angle? I have the game saved I could change it, but yea it is kinda bad

The picture quality looks abit fuzzy.
Also, are you left handed? Noticed Francis was using his left hand, could easily be an influence.

There is a spotlight right behind him and his shadow is straight down, I know you can’t really fix this :confused:

also angle could have been better, I suggest you reload it and try again.

woah, nice catch. I am left handed guess didn’t think about it but your probably right

he’s right next to a wall so it was hard trying to get any better angle than what i had but here are 2 more angles:
also realized no DOF

not threating

oops, also thanks for commenting on the pic

2nd one looks like it’s the best out of all of them.


The belly of Francis is out too much, tuck it in, and his neck looks weird, the pose is not the best.

FZE’s gonna get fucked up.