"Dont let them reach the cloning facilities!" Clones engaging separatist droids on Kamino.



Please compare the pictures:

Special thanks to Punkrock77 for been an awesome C&C giver and to Bodelan for helping me with some info about stitching.

Feel free to comment, rate and critisize guys!

I like the holes in the droids, and awesome job stitching. Lazers look pretty ugly though, and the posing on some of the clones could use some work.

seems a little blurry or something, but the stitch is cool. I like all the little impacts and scorch marks.

I agree with Vman. Awesome job on the laser impacts and holes on the droids though.

nice impacts
looks good although some parts look like they were painted on with MSPaint

The posing is a little stiff, but I like it.

Hey Santz you’re back! I thought you were dead D: And it’s nice to see you finally posting this pic, I’ve been wanting to see the finished product :smiley:

Well it all looks good, stitching is fantastic, the burn marks on the droids are great, the weather edit came out awesome, and the posing is solid. I think the blaster bolts/blasts look great, but should be giving off a glow though; and the sparks look a little TF2 like (if that description makes sense :/)

Have an artistic pal, you deserve it.

I like it, I like it, posing is not the best, but the picture is interesting enough to ignore that. I especially like the fact that I see the droids first and then scroll all the way to the right to only see the clones. I totally understand if you dont know what I mean, I dont really know how to describe it, but its meant positive.

Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile: and yeah, the posing wasnt the best and it was entirely my fault (Posing so many radgolls can get stressing so I just probably posed them fast and bad instead of taking my time :saddowns:)

Also thanks for all the comments on my impacts! It tooked me a while to understand how to make them :smile: and if you want to know, all the effects were hand painted! no copy-pasta on this pic.

I like the posing, but some of the troopers do look stiff… But my main gripe is the pic quality, is your anti aliasing all the way up?

I really like it, neat shading, atmosphere, but the lasers are bad.

Also there is some weird aliasing thingy on good guys’ helmets. And whole pic is blurry :3

Awesome stitching job and nice holes in the droids. The effects aren’t great though, and it looks like jpeg quality wasn’t as high as it could go or something because the picture is kinda blurry and there are some aliasing issues. The shading looks a little lazy, but considering the amount of ragdolls I don’t blame you.

Some depth-of-field might have been useful.

The rain in the background is a nice touch, although it could use some work.

I fucked up on the quality while stitching thats why its a bit blurry :C My next pic will have all those issues fixed, and it will be alot nicer, thanks for the C&C guys :buddy:

It hurts my eyes. :saddowns:

A bump, I dont want to see this die so fast :C

Nice scene. And nice use of the map. :slight_smile:

Awesome, Really nice use of those models.
And I reallyl ike those impacts and wires and stuff :razz:

So this was the final result… Have to agree on most of the comments… The lasers don’t look too convincing… Altho the rest its awesome… According to me… Hehe… Have a palette…

Your comments are greatly appreciated guys :slight_smile: thanks!

cool have some of my fine made alabama artys!