Don't like being raided?

If you don’t like being raided by the people in full kevlar and with m4s? So what you do is not to build a house ANYWHERE near all the bigger houses that could have them living there, you could also move to the west or east where there are barley people and plenty of resources.

I would if the other 3/4ths of the map was actually habitable with any resources… But with such a small area, you’re bound to get found and hit, and re-hit, and re-hit. I had a few bandits who decided to build right behind my house and kill me and my neighbors whenever we logged in…

Why is this thread the first thing both of you did immediately after registering? That’s weird.

O.o I never had a reason to post until I saw this.

Is there a reason that the whole map doesn’t spawn resources?

Yes, it’s alpha and only a finite area currently spawns resources.

To keep people together, breaking the game in harmony. At least that’s my interpretation of it.

You could also make sure to build your house with lots of barriers. Walls, doors, etc. Make it difficult to raid so that they either give up, or spend so many resources getting to your goods, they won’t want to try again.

teh matrix

Want to NEVER get raided?

Build a house where only by dying can you get in (sleeping bag). I’ve made one before wipe with about 6 floors up with 6 sleeping bags, two on 1st floor, two on 2nd, 3/4 has metal doors, where I craft etc. one on 5 and one on 6. With one door on first floor to put box through walls. And wooden box near each floor where it splits off as way to transfer loot up each level.

I think they should change how many sleeping bags you can spawn with somehow as it would be near impossible to loot someone with a build like like this unless they have a crap ton of c4.

Best part is…I don’t even need food.

shouldn’t this be common sense?

of course if you don’t want to be around bullshitters stay away?

I have a base that’s 4 stories with multiple rooms, doors, windows, etc. I built it out of the camp zone, and run to them when I want to do something. Takes a ridiculous 2 minutes to run to the loot.

What? How do you get items into your base if you always need to die in order to get in? This makes no sense to me.

A point for you, sir.

I think he glitches some boxes through the internal walls. And then keep switching things until a “box of escape”. Then he keeps the suicide thing until he spawns in some sleepingbag near and get the things from the escape-box.

Never thought about that before… hope someday the dev’s get this fixed.

I think it is a good idea and I think that the box glitching thing is Unity’s fault and wont be fixed anytime soon… So yah… Good stuff.

Instead of glitching, try to learn to survive normally in the game…
When the game will beta/launched (not so long) what are you going to do then?
Just hate “shortcuts”.


This is just the same as when people use ramps to bypass your pillars attacker use glitches as some sort of attack so why not horders using glitches as some for defence.

This works both ways

The map’s resource points aren’t expanded enough yet to get out of this giant clusterfuck we call ‘‘Rust’’, guess we will just have to wait on that lol.