"Don't move!" -Four operators are in mission to the forest


Map : Gm_flatgrass

Time for the screenshot : 4hours
I hope you enjoy!

C&C :v:

Looks really cool. But 4 hours? So hardcore…

It’s inspired by BC2’s first mission right? Oh btw, why would the enemies have desert camo while they’re in a green environment?

The time for posing the grass, props, ragdolls, camera angle,etc… :smile:

Looking very good.

Great scenebuild and pose altogether, though there is a hole in it, why are the soldiers using Desert camo?

Other than that, great nontheless.

I like it, but i agree with the others, desert camouflage?

I’m daltonian…

pretty good.
I edited the camo real quick so it some what makes sense


You’re my photoshop god.