Don't own Portal? Want the game for free! See here!

Because of the Mac release of Steam (if you haven’t already heard from everybody and their mother), Valve are giving away portal - for free!

Go here, download, install etc and voila, free portal :smile:.

I cannot guarantee that this will work as a source game for Garrysmod, as it’s technically free and most likely doesn’t provide the SDK with it.

This isn’t Portal first slice, it’s the actual game of Portal which you’re allowed to keep even after the free period I believe. So have fun.

Looks interesting, I’ll have a look. :slight_smile: I have the Orange Box for PS3 but not Portal for PC.

Alright, it works! Thanks, Teddi Orange! :smiley:

WUT. They could have told us this was gonna happen before i bought the game.

WOOOT!! I’m telling my brother so he can get rid of the pirated version and get updates! He will tell his friends! My sisters will get it! My mom’s friend will get it! I just got it because I had like 5 steam games and it only had like 50 mb to dl. Woo!!!

Sucks for you! :smiley:


Alixandah bonus points for having eddsword pictures as your avatar, I juse have this kangaroo thing.

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FYI, it’s a dog’s ass.

Buying was totally worth it. I want to support Valve in any ways I can.

You’re not supposed to tell them that. You’re supposed to let them figure it out on their own.

Haha fucking awesome! I’m getting it right now :slight_smile:

you are allowed to keep it AND IT WORKS AS A SOURCE GAME!!!

You can email valve and as if they’ll refund you at least some of it. There have been cases where people have bought a game before a promo, emailed Valve and have gotten a partial refund.

Waiting till they give out TF2 for free.

maybe the Orangebox.

They’re not going to give TF2 out for free. They gave Portal out because it’s a nice short game which perfectly demos what source can do on the Mac.

How you can’t afford the Orangebox, I don’t know, it’s already seriously cheap for three games. But if you still can’t afford it, go buy a key from , it’s slightly cheaper there (yes, they are legit).

I heard it’s free right now I mean the whole game in the steam store go look hurry!