Everyone please pay attention, those beta key generators and false rustplay links are fake. Don’t even hesitate clicking them. They are fake and have a million surveys. Don’t get tempted it could harm you and your computer also decreasing the chance of getting a key. If you want a key really badly help out on the forums like me i know a lot about this and i still don’t have a key but I am hoping that I will eventually get one but keep on posting helpful threads and you may never know you might just get lucky. P.S check out garry’s profile for giveaways! Thank you for reading.

(User was banned for this post ("Extended, also all caps thread titles and didn't look before posting" - postal))

Like you? You have 2 posts on the forums and are telling everyone common knowledge? I don’t want to sound rude but…

yes you’re right but i mean just as a reminder for those who don’t remember or think about it so if you know please don’t mention anything.