So my name is ELITE as many of you might know me I was playing rust for some time. I loved the game so i dealt with the rude admins and hackers alike, I also dealt with the restarts and such as to be expected with a beta game. I dealt with all this until today. Spent about 14 hours trying to get established on CAROLINA’S GAMING server when I was at war with some kids. Then out of know where the admin pops up and he asks me why im cheating by turning my gamma up? I said is it not allowed to turn gamma up? He says no its cheating. Goodbye cheater and boom bans me. Like seriously? Im done. I have uninstalled rust and will no longer play it. Dont wast your time playing on CAROLINA’s server, or do it and regret it. PEACE OUT RUSTY"S

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title, crap thread, missed the servers subforum" - postal))

wait we are in beta now? Damn that went fast.

“~Bad ideas for threads that will get you banned for at least 3 days~”


Stop cheating.

Man he made a forum account just to make 1 single post. He has some dedication to his anger problems. Looks like Carolina has some admin abuse as to what I set my gamma at is none of their business.

As to the OP glad he is gone, he is a pussy.

no no no he is “Elite”

If the developers wanted us to not be able to see in the dark we wouldn’t see in the dark no matter what. They could easily get around something like people turning their gamma up if they wanted. Obviously they don’t.

I mean it’s up to the admin. His server, his rules. But we should stay aware that turning up gamma is not on par with hacking or even close to cheating. Maybe people should start saying ‘Low gamma or ban!’ on their server titles.

Killed too many people with a shotgun and got banned, apparently killing people in broad daylight who are naked with a shotgun is cheating.

INCORRECT!! The admin banned ELITE for aimbotting and called him out on abusing gamma. Gamma had nothing to do with the ban. NICE SPIN there Elite!

Elite, as a member of the CAROLINA’S GAMING server(PHK | Rhastabation) I find it funny that you come here to slander the admin for banning you for “Gamma Hacking” he said you were using gamma but that was not the reason you were banned, you were banned for aim botting. The admin on this server is vigilant in chasing down hackers, watching them, and banning them you unfortunately got caught. Don’t come here and cry to the community about something false man up and tell them why you really got banned. This server is by far the best Rust server i’ve had the chance to enjoy stop falsely accusing the admin of shit and own up to your own mistakes.

No one knows you, no one cares.

If the admin was banning players for their gamma that would be silly, because it’s impossible to prove and too subjective.

However, apparently this kid was banned for hacking:

^ So with this attitude blood doping is okay in professional sports because it can’t be caught or tested? Hence its the sports fault for not developing a system to catch it? Get real, its an option people abuse to gain an advantage over people who don’t, hence it’s cheating, the only part about it that is sad is everyone does it, hence the reason why the dev’s recently made the night change. One could even argue, if dev’s wanted us to see all the time they simply wouldn’t of made a night cycle at all. Why do you think they put a night cycle into the game? Is it because they like making more work for themselves? Essentially as of the last patch, no more pitch black nights, gamma raisers simply won that battle.

I am a player on the server and there is no doubt in my mind that Carolinas Gaming is the best server I’ve played on. Elite you were banned from the server due to Aimbotting. I understand your probably frustrated because of being banned from the sever, but it doesn’t mean you should come onto the forums and make up a fake story just to make a server look bad.

Unfortunately, despite you using 14 hours to play this game and acquire what you did is subject to be nullified if you play unfairly. Aimbot is not accepted in any form in any game. Rust’s anti cheat system is not nearly as well developed as some of the other games, which allows you to get away with it until you are visually caught. It sucks you spent a bunch of time and got banned, but you didn’t work as hard as the rest of us who do not cheat, which left us with no other choice.

Do yourself a favor and play legit. What fun is a game if you have an uncomparable advantage over everyone else? I hope the next time you play a game, you ask yourself is it really worth it to cheat? Personally, I feel it’s much more rewarding playing the hard way.

I love posts that have a twist to them.

Please start a support group for all the other script kiddies and help them to stop playing as well.

The staff on this server go to great lengths to ensure that people being banned deserve to be banned and the fact that it took a bit of time to rid you from the server is testament to that. The facepunch forums see enough of people stating that they didn’t do it and I am sure no one wants to read it.

Accept that you were caught, move on and create that support group.

Carolinas Gaming is by far the best server I have ever played on.