Don't play on Cobraland, reason below.

Cobraland is a garbage server, the owner of the server banned us for being too good at the game, first, he required that every member of my group record to prove that we aren’t cheating, and after recording and complying with his DEMAND for a few days, he messages me saying that he’s going to ban us for being too good at the game, he admitted that we aren’t cheating, he’s simply banning us for being too good at the game, which is a fucking garbage reason to ban players. Banning players for playing the game well.
I advise you stay away from cobraland, if you play well, he might ban you for it.


These are literally snapshots out of the recordings he told us that we have to do if we are to not be banned.

well as much as it sucks to be banned for being too good at a game, it’s fair enough if his intended pop is the noobs. having a crew of good players owning the hell out of you when you are just starting to learn the game will get most noobs to rage quit, and rust has a steep learning curve as it is.

just move to a new server. it’s actually fair enough for the owner to feel they have to get rid of you guys if you are scaring off players.

Agreed, it’s a legitimate call on the part of the admin to ask players to leave if they think it’s in the best interest of the server and existing playerbase. It stings when you’re not doing anything wrong, but sometimes it makes sense… like when a full-time clan rolls in to a small pop server full of solos and small groups, powerlevels for 2 days and starts steamrolling bases while people are offline. You need the right balance of wolves and sheep, and different groups of wolves… too much or too little of any element can bleed a server dry. Treat it like a compliment and graduate up to a server with more competitive group play.

Got banned there too, i wasnt no one with this oppinion that admin is just plain shit, but in the end its his Server where he is the ruler he pays for it so we have to accept it. I wouldnt recommend it either.

Same goes to Bloodbane.

Yup… Played there too, banned me for “No-recoil” tho i killed him with the Thompson and finished off with Semi-Auto Pistol (Both of these guns have low recoil.)…

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But i can’t say anything bad since it is a “Noob friendly” server