Don't play on FearlessRP

delete this. I just realised something.

I played FearlessRP a while back and they banned me on the day I bought donator, and it lasted a few months. When I was finally unbanned after a month, I got banned again for some unknown reason. And this time it was permanent.

I used to like DarkRP, but then it just got overthrown by punchwhores and stuff. But thanks for the heads up on Fearless Rp

Yeah, my friend bought donator and the next day got blacklisted from guns for 48hrs of playtime and a 2 month ban for no reason…

I was banned from Fearless and its forums for being to vocal regarding the faults of the gamemode and adminstration team. Still allowed to write up court documents for clans and trading groups in their server though :v:

One of my cases/lawsuits - Estleback Corporation v. Ministry of Peace

Yeah, you can’t say one word about anything thats bad about them or you get banned basically.

You know…

I think we already knew this!!