Don't play Rust in Peace Texas.

Be warned this server has admin abuse and bans anyone who uncovers it.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, the other thread was locked for a reason, missed the servers subforum." - postal))

You guys already cried about this in this thread, which got locked and your “friend” banned.

There was a previous lengthy thread dedicated to this already as well. Don’t spam the forums with more of this nonsense.

Regardless, of whether it’s a shitserver or not, when idiots keep posting shit like this, it actually makes the server admins look good, which I’m guessing is counter to your goals.

These admins are abusers. Take it from me. I’m not an idiot as suggested by above poster. Maybe there is a reason why this server keeps being noted in these forums.

You just sent me a PM saying you’d make sure my server goes down. Grow up and move on. Let it go and go take your meds. It’s over.

We’ve already seen and noted the bad reputation of the server, stop sacrificing your accounts in the bid to inform us of something we already know.

This isn’t the first report of this server and seems to be a trend. Just don’t play on their server, move on.

Admin abuse ruins these games faster than hackers imo.

Thanks for the heads up. I will gladly stay clear of these ^%&#$

That sort of depends. Admin negligence can kill a server faster with the help of hackers.

Admin Abuse, I’ve been on a couple of servers that have been cried fowl of it, never really seems to affect folks except raider groups. At that point, it’s basically a bunch of dicks getting dicked over by an even bigger dick! GETTIN’ KINDA HOT AND HEAVY IN HERE