Don't Play "[US] Noob Friendly (Pcp/1/2craft/sleeprs/DoorShare)RUST++

The server is currently the top community server, and about a week ago one of the the admins was flying around god mode killing people.
We reported it to the other admin IN A PRIVATE STEAM CHAT and it resulted in my friend getting banned. My other buddy said something about it in chat and got banned as well. The admins sound like 13 year olds in voice chat too. Well I quit the server and I just joined back today because I heard it wiped last night or the day before. Well there’s already a 5x5 8 story metal house and a 4x4 5 story metal house. They both have a group of kevlars with silenced m4’s living in them. I said something in chat about it and got banned before I could fully explain. I’ve played rust for 400+ hours and I well know that you can not get 2 metal houses that big within 24 hours on a 100+ player server. So just a warning: If you do not want to join a server where admins abuse and give their buddies huge metal bases with kevlar and guns… Don’t play this server. It’s still on the top of community because when someone says something about it they get insta banned…

People will eventually abandon the server.