DONT SHOOT! Im 'Friendly & naked' !

So, to people who hate people killing new spawns, for one how do we know your a new spawn?? I’ll give an example, once this ‘naked guy’ ran over to me yelling “FRIENDLY FRIENDLY IM NEW CAN I HAVE SOME FOOD PLEASE” so I replied sure then dropped him some food. As I was in my inventory dropping food, he pulled out a shotgun and killed me. So from now on, EVERYONE IS A THREAT AND WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY!

i bet i can destroy you with my rock vs your silenced m4.

This exact thing happened to me. Like…exactly. Asked for food, then bam.

This is the way I usually do it. When someone approaces me, I instantly take a gun out and aim right at their head. I wait to see if they say anything or do anything. If they say friendly, il ask what they want. If they want food or items, I tell them to go very far away and come back after like a minute. They will find the items where I was standing once they come back. Il be gone by then though.

If they approach me and don’t say anything and just stand there, Il shoot them once as a warning. They usually run away after that.

It’s part of the game. Either be smart enough to ween out the liars or suffer the consequences. If you’re alone it’s best to just avoid people or KOS. Being a nice guy won’t get you far and whining about it just makes you look bad.

That title is laughter inducing.

That’s the game.
You do a fault if you trust any strange people.
A lot of people cloak theirselves as ‘naked men’.
They’re working on it. So you can see the weapons on the back of the people soon.

For for this time some tips:

If you want to help a naked man, be sure you aim at him the all time. Never turn your back on him.
I had similar situations, but I also had some friends which were aiming at him.

Or the common way: shoot him before he even can pull out a weapon.

I love shooting people as they hand me chicken.

Strong eat the weak. The laws of nature. You have to be smart and strong to survive. Good luck.

Exact same thing happened to me.

Server: Noobs East Coast
Player: Insidious Pie

I was trying to be a nice guy and give him some supplies. As I had my bag open he blew my head off.

Ok…part of the game. I get that. But my trust is gone. If anyone runs up to me they will be shot. End of story. No questions asked.

Christianity does not work in terms of survival. Very rare.

Christianity…? Please exclude fairytales, religion and other such fiction from an otherwise serious discussion.
Fortunally, you can choose your own morals, with total disregard of such fantasies.

First post on Facepunch and you’re already belittling religion

you’ll do well here.

Silkesapan. Christianity means - to help his neighbor. That’s all it means to me. No religion.

Oh this’ll be good.

I’m going to enjoy it a whole lot more when there are visible inventories. Not everything of course, but the larger things. If you’re carrying a whole bunch of wood, you’d appear to have maybe a wooden pallet strapped to your back. if you’re carrying a weapon, it would be visible on your hip or whatever.

If you had extra cloth you could make slightly baggier clothes that you could conceal weapons in while you’re wearing them, etc.

Indeed, such a silly post forced my hand in spending the time at work to register only to comment… I did not intend to start a trollwar, and case is closed for me. :wink:

People who bitch and moan about other people’s beliefs are the worst kind of people

Really? I’d say murderers, rapists, theives, or suchlike would be worse.
Also people who drag religion in an otherwise religionfree debate would do well in understanding that not all people reading will share their beliefs. Sure, perhaps i was a bit harsh in my choices of words, but in an enlightened era as this is…

Now back to Rust-discussions?

They are generally the same people that are having said beliefs forced upon them without choice. Most of these beliefs are indoctrinated on children at a young age where they do not realize they have a choice and when they grow up to the point where they understand that they have a choice its already too late.

I would KoS every supposingly ‘fresh spawn’ id see. But cause im an admin I get a lot of people bitch and moan. But I just want people to read this and know why fresh spawns get KoS’ d by people like me. Not because were 5yo and liie killing noobs. But because we dont know what your packing!!!