Don't shoot! Were human! Two survivors stumble upon a military outpost

Two survivors of a zombie outbreak find a Military base in the forest and are questioned if they have been bitten.

(this is just the front gate so there aren’t a lot of troops.)

C&C please

The zombie by the tree has a bayonet in its gut and a bullet in its head. It is a dead zombie.

How come they don’t shoot the awkwardly posed zombie behind them?

Its dead.

Police uniform looks weird as hell but I guess it’s okay for the model it’s on

I need some survivor skins or citizen re-skins very badly as that was the only non default civi I had.

Those are some strong bumpmaps.

I’m still waiting for someone to asses the POSE

Posing is fairly nice, altough the guys at the back are quite awkward

Guys at the back?


why do soldiers hold the mag instead of the … place where you normaly hold it… the grip thing at the front…
is that just the norm now?


little awkward pose,
well ok, good :smiley:

I like the way it looks when he holds it by the mag and its much easier to pose that way.

Posing is all awkward and you didn’t make an effort to make the diff angles any different.

yeah those

Then why is it standing?

Lol, reminds me of 28 days later. Those soldiers have a reason to help them…

Nice pose also, atleast on the soldiers and those survivors, not so much on the zombies though.

It seems no one read the end of my first post. It’s IMPALED to the tree with a bayonet.

I want to know who THOSE guys are.

The infected at the back?

Whats wrong with them? There dead.