"Don't stay from the path!"

Inspiration from playing “The Path” game.


It just short work. C&C Please =)

first, please dont use imageshack, its slow as fuck for many people

I dont like your editing, especially on the person. you didnt isolate or did it really bad, its clearly visible

Her face doesn’t look feminine at all.

It seems you need to up your graphics a bit.

I thought the main idea is to get away from the path.

That’s maxmimum setting for me.

It’s Female_07x, the ghost girl from Nightmare House 2 and Underhell.

Really poor isolation on the coat, I can see an aura of green all around her.

I’ll second the bad isolation, and the editing you did where the rain is hitting her coat looks really bad.

Pretty nice image, despite the fucked isolation.