Don't Stray from the Pack - (Medic Stranded in Ravenholm)

A medic was trying to save a wounded citizen when the caravan he was in left him behind. My first time using effects I know its just a lense flare but tell me what you think.

Don’t use NPCs.

P. bad posing.

Lensflare is stupid.

Don’t be too subtle now, Darma.


it’s terrible.

The quality is right next to troll picture quality.

It’s sad I was expecting a really good half life pose, and I see this.
This makes me wanna just stop coming to these forums, it really does.

yeah,i trough this would be great comeback for me…well,back to the iraq…

try to don’t use NPCs.

Everything about this picture is stupid, you used NPCs you put on some shitty lens flare and from the looks of it you didn’t even bother to find a good place to make the screenshot so you decided to just place everything right at the beginning of the map? If you’re not a troll, then please try to practice more and post when you have something better.