"Don't take it personally pal, it's just business" Man Betrayed by the People He Thought He Could Trust.

I hope you enjoy this pose, it took me a long time to complete. It’s the first time i have seriously used photoshop. I had a lot of problems trying to do the blood for the picture, it ended up just looking like the default source blood which made it a waste of time positioning it and everything. I looked at the sticky, and the blood tutorial on their was not really descriptive. Just started posing a few days ago, so any criticism is welcome to help me improve.

Okay, i updated the picture to try and fix the blood and the smoke a bit. Tell me how you guys think it is, i will put a link to the original.

I like it, but that blood is obviously a emitter and is the only thing in this picture that i think is bad.
Good work!

Really nice posing, but the cigarette smoke seems to be too strand-like, as if grey string is rising from it. Make it more like a big wave of silver, rather than small lines.