Dont tase me BRO [EU/DE]Don't tase me bro

Wiped 03.03.2014 + Welcome Starter Kits
net.connect Server Website !

write in Chat /Vote (You will get some cool Stuff and this all 24 hrs.)

Mod Info:
Oxide Mod with Plugins :
Door Sharing
No Weapons declay!
Location (/location)
Who is Online (/who)
Chat Kill Message ( Xy killed Yx with M4 in the Head)
Welcome Starter Kit
Ping (/ping) (Shows your Ping on server)
Dmg Deal (Shows the dmg you make on Players)
/fps (Better performance)
/grass (Toggle & untoggle Grass)

Server Info
Name: [EU/DE]Don’t tase me bro
Location: EU
Capacity: 150 players
Chat: English & German Only
IP: net.connect
Cheatpunch ON
Sleeper: ON
Airdrop: Varies between 20-40 based on player amount at the time.
Crafting: Standart
Admins: Active and watching you
Mods: Oxide with many Plugins