"Don't tell ME to CALM DOWN, Mother fu**a" - scene from CRANK

Just the small to person conversation Chev has with Orlando.
ALL in-game :slight_smile:

The scene: http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g316/dominoegnallange/Crank.png

I couldn’t really figgure out what camera angle they used, and the distance to the actors, so the camera is rather “Meeh”

holy balls man
that looks almost accurate

kiss me pistol
nice posing and edit
have an artistic!

awesome pose domino

And then he had a bar fight. Awesome movies those Cranks truly are.


Thanks guys :smiley:

Jason Statham is too badass to be portrayed by generic biker dude#1.


Picture is awesome. Looks really like the movie scene.

Generic Biker Dude is no match.

Wow, that is spot-on.

I know :stuck_out_tongue:
Though there is a slight resemblance :slight_smile:
I think I might do some few more :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, thanks for the comments ^^