Dont Trust People in Rust

This guy thought it was funny to steal the codes to one of my members bases. Just because he thought he was an asshole… So heads up to anyone who knows this guy. Peasant shit. Never give out your codes. Only base mates should know them.Saltyness ruins this game. lol RIP

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - postal))

Talk about being salty, namethrashing is the worst kind, nomatter what started it.

And you’re spreading out sugar right now? Lmao.

Calling someone out directly is completely salty.

This is exactly why you NEVER use the same password for your entire base. Giving out codes is fine if you only give them “guest room” codes and limit their access to the rest of the base. But good job on calling out a player for using a legitimate strategy to evict you.

Why do I have a feel that by “steal” you mean you said it in public, can be seen by anyone chat and he just happened to find the place it was the code to?