Dont Trust this guy

If you ever see a guy named ᎶhφstlyѠaffle selling a key dont trust him he scamed me

You deserved it, don’t go buying keys from random people

don’t buy keys fullstop. why would you pay to access an early alpha for a game at this stage.

ESPECIALLY when its free

its free?

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How do u get it free?

Oddly, I can see you getting scammed again. Hell! Maybe by the same dude.

how could i get scammed if its free

but… you just said you got scammed.

You don’t pay for it, therefore it is free.

You fell for the trap so goodluck :slight_smile:

Sorry, but you had this some what coming. If people were able to buy keys so easily they might as well just sell the game now, like minecraft did, it was in alpha but was selling the game as they continue to build it. But that’s not the case, if you have to buy a key, that is a for sure set up for failure.

Had it coming

Honestly, I don’t see why you would even want to BUY a key in the first place. The game is still in a very buggy alpha stage. It’s better to just wait for the full game or when it’s released to the public than to buy a key from someone you don’t even know.

The game may be buggy, but the gameplay stays the same! Its just great to build a house in an open zombie world, bugs don’t change that feeling… :slight_smile:

Sorry Rockman, but this logic doesn’t apply to 12 year olds with absolutely no patience. The moment somebody they knew said they played it and like it, they probably got instantly jealous and will go to any length to get a key. Obviously this isn’t the case for EVERYBODY, but I bet there are a fair amount of people with that fit neatly into this explanation in same way shape or form.

Sadly, this place is slowly becoming overrun with these people…

I would have choked if I found that funny, but it ended up being so funny my face was left blank by the incredibly stupidity so I guess I’ll stoop to that level



Uh, have you even played the GAME yet?

Heh, Yep… I can see that happening too

does anyone know if is legit?