Dont Trust this guy

Heh. Im 12. Im being patient, hoping this game will be released for mac so I will be able to buy it in the future.

Isn’t Rust supposed to be free?

it’s gonna be for sale at some point

The amount of “problems” and inconveniences this Rust Key business has brought up amazes me.

Only free for people that manage to get in the alpha(without buying the key like a retard then it’s not free obv), everyone else will have to pay up.

It’s fun to go to these people who fakesell keys, and almost go through with it and at the end go “lol fuck off.”


Especially if you’re already in.

I haven’t even played Rust and I know never to pay for a key while it’s in alpha stage.

Kids need to fucking learn, and if scamming is the only way, let it happen.

rust is fucking awful at the minute don’t waste your money in the first place

just wait until its out of alpha

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and if you paid using paypal do a chargeback, yes you had it coming, but everyone is a dumbass as a kid and you shouldn’t lose your money because of it

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and since when did i develop sympathy

No, They already said it’s going to be like 15-20$ :smiley:

No, they said it wasn’t free. No price was given.

Never trust anyone especially if you are buying a key for a game in it’s Alpha stage.

Holy shit people, the games in alpha, people are hyped about this, scammers are scaming idiots like OP.

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I guess I was misinformed D:


One time I tried to buy a key from a scammer

And I ended up scamming him and got a free game out of it


yeah you sure showed him the errs of his ways by doing exactly the same thing he did

omg u r so cool

uh wow i actually thought that was pretty funny