Don't use the Clockwork leak

Hello, My name is Echo. I have seen countless servers run a amazing gamemode developed by the folks over at Cloud Sixteen. It was leaked some time ago and people their hands on it. It would be wise to not run the gamemode as you will DMCA’d by Cloud Sixteen. Just giving you all a heads up.

thanks but people really don’t care nowadays, it’s like what happened with PERP.

Don’t care? Many servers still run it and get DMCA’d, nearly one every day.

I’d like to challenge this, I’m putting up a leaked server as we speak, your move, Echo.

Not my move to make, if anybody will make a move it will be Cloud Sixteen.

lol copyrighting lua

Nice avatar

back at you

Whats DMCA’d?

you know how your youtube video gets taken down because of copyright protection

So, basically he wants to claim copyright infraction, lol.

But that only really works for USA.

If you are hosted in Europe or other similar country’s you don’t really have to comply.

Thats actually wrong, he can still sue you if your in some other country. Happens with WoW private realms hosted over seas. Not saying its right though to claim copyright on lua script though.

Why not? It’s still something that he made. It should be his decision if he wants to sell it or not.

I said copyrighting a lua script then threatening to sue people is not right. Though I personally don’t agree with a “pay to use our gamemode” model where in I prefer a “donate to us if you like our gamemode” model.
Anyway thats just my input on it. Move the subject back to the topic rather then discuss my whole opinion on the matter.

You seem like a typical Conna fanboy. You’ve even directly ripped off his avatar, I mean, really?

You don’t think everyone in here knows this already? Stop causing more drama over nonsense that everyone already knows about.

Some people never learn you know.
Copyrighting gmod content is awfully stupid and just begs for it to be leaked all over the net.

Gonna get a hold of it, host it here in Scotland, and laugh at shitty DMCAs. In fact I’ll host it in America and tell him to fuck off as per packaged .dlls.

Internet Badass.

Well lets just round it off.

He does not have the power or the money to take someone over seas or infact in the USA to court.

Its a waste of time / money he will spend not to say that more people will just leak newer copys just to piss him off.

And now I know why no one makes Gmod gamemodes anymore