"Don't worry about me Kid, I've had worse"


Been a while since I threw anything together, enjoy

IS he touching that emo’s boob? :derp:

I like this pic, except for the booby grabbing on that emo. I don’t think she fits in this pic

And the title takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s a pretty bland pic overall. If you’re going to focus on background scenery, I’d suggest fooling around with color modification to increase the contrast and make thing look more colorful, not less.

Gah I’m starting to hate the new Zoey model. It looks so massively out of place in just about everything.

AS to the picture - it’s kinda a bit too dark imho, which makes it look far too flat. The posing looks decent though.

The whole focus seems to be on the left kinda though. Admittedly that might be because of my small monitor since I have to scroll over.

the “worse” Bill was referring to :stuck_out_tongue:

The composition is horrible. You put everything way too far to the right. If you’re going to put your characters on one side, at least make sure they actually fit inside the picture.

whats wrong with zoey’s left hand?

No wonder the USA got their arses kicked in Vietnam.

i hate those goddamn stockings

Whoa… is Bill getting a little freaky there?

Agreed. It’s really annoying to look at once it catches your eye’s attention, which for me is the second you look at the picture.