Don't worry, I be a Doctor!

EDIT! OMG! I JUST got Photshop today!

Doesn’t it look better!? =D





Looks like there’s some poor jpeg compression around the Heavy’s face.

Yeah, I’m not sure what did that, but this is like a 5 minute pose with just some blur put around the background, so it’s not the greatest but it’s something…=D

Lol don’t worry about it; the posing and faceposing is really good.

5 mins later

I LOVE this doctor!!!

O em Jee! Update!

gives me nightmares…

“Medic is rapist!”
Or proctologist.

He’s a field medic, not a doctor, theirs a large difference between the two… One makes you comfortable while you die and the other TELLS you your going to die.