"Don't worry. It's nothing personal, just business"

Still contemplating making this comic.


Please leave some feedback! :slight_smile:

Chicks splashing around in water.


I must say, I was expecting a Godfather picture/reference.

Still good stuff, here.

Very nice. The glowy eye bits are unsettling.

Girls not wet 0/10

Would not rate.

I’m kidding, I love it man.

Looks more like pleasure.

-the stupid comment which was here has been removed-

The water looks a bit off, maybe its to opaque but i don’t really know, but judging by the models you were going for some kind of anime esthetic so its ok. Good stuff.


Honestly, I don’t see these as anime models. Maybe I’m blind or maybe its because I dont watch anime. But I wasn’t aiming for the anime esthetic. Not on purpose at least.

Any suggestion on how to make the water more realistic tho? I’m absolutely horrible at water editing, and I couldn’t find any really usefull tutorials either. (I’m newaxe btw)