Don't yell at your cats...

silly catface

Was that supposed to be a moral? What is this? I’m so confused.

Moral/Humor… Call it whatever you want to.

cl_hud 0

cl_drawhud 0

And I know about that command. I have them them binded on 7-9, but I forget them sometimes.

I smiled when he said WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT then it went to a frown when I saw a sex pose.

It was mostly to add content.

Are these the videos you want machinma to sponsor?

Eww, no. There’s way too much hazzle with that. I agree with DasBoSchitt - getting a contract by either YoUTube Partner or Machinima makes you way too limited…

I don’t think machinima would want to take you in anyway =/

Also, sex posing in videos? Minge.

Holy shit, gman used his telekinetic powers to drag the cat.

Stop posting these shitty, childish Gmod movies.

As I said, it was only to fill in with some crap in the background…

I have never come across a video created in gmod that even remotely entertained me, except for videos demonstrating something.

And what could possibly someone demonstrate in a video game except the stuff you can do with it…

Can you stop posting this shit? Noone cares that you fucked around for 20 minutes and made some shitty movie with horribly overused sounds, and generally unfunny bullshit.


Needs to be posted on under the title “gmod fail”

Have a box.

I found this funny