Don't you go pop on me.

“Don’t you go pop on me”

Pretty good posing but it seems just a tad empty.
Also I don’t understand the meaning of the black fade at the edge of the picture.

Can we have original?

love it. Have a… no, wait, have two artistics! :buddy:


fuck It didn’t work.

So why is he going in that fuel cannister? Whatever, editing is nice I guess although I don’t like the fading borders.

I’d like to know it aswell.

I like the picture.

I couldn’t find a good shell for that.

Also about those borders I can remove them.

Oh, do you have a link to that sweet hi-res crate reskin btw?

Added the noborder version.

The skin is part one of the first packs FF released. v2.20 or so.

Looks like a guy from a police Bomb Squad or something, maybe he’s trying to defuse it.

Ah like an IED. I get it now.

Still, can I have the original so I can edit it? (Don’t worry, no god awful rain :c)


Wait, you didn’t get that?


Well it doesn’t have a battery or anything attached to it at all so it just looks like a harmless fuel cannister.

I don’t get it, or if there’s something to get.
But I do like it.

note the wire.

Thanks, will edit after school tomorrow (Half day, off at 1 PM :v:)


He looks cute.

Nice, reminds me of the indie film “The Hurt Locker”

That model is the juggernaut known for raping and firing M240’s at people while charging. Most commonly found in spec ops game mode.
I dunno about what he’s doing maybe it’s exaggerating the cumbersome nature of this fellow.
Good pic.