Doom (2016) Model Stuff

So today I looked into how to get models from the new Doom game. I wasn’t completely successful, but I have information for more skilled porters to start with.

1.) Grab DoomResEx and open base/gameresources.resources with it.
2.) Navigate to the generated/basemodels/md6 directory. Click on a .bmd6mesh file and it’ll appear in the preview window.

3.) Click “Export” to convert it to a nice FBX file (2016 format, so you might need to update your importers…)
4.) Curse the fact that you can’t extract most of the textures yet, cry, give up.

I mean, maybe you can get textures using one of those new-fangled geometry ripper things, but then you have the unenviable task of modifying the materials to look nice in a non-PBR engine (I’m assuming you’re importing this into Source), which as I understand it is pretty tricky. Not something I have any experience doing, at any rate.

If you have more success than me, I’d love to see how far you get!

We can try getting the textures via ninjaripper or 3dripper if the previous one fucks up. It’s atleast worth a shot.

I am willing to try porting some of these models over if anyone wants to help.

I just hope we get a Source 2 sandbox soon so we can stop having to fiddle with a 9 year old engine already.

I’ve tried to use ninjaripper on Evil Within, which i believe shares engine with Doom and Wolfenstein: New Order. Or at least shares some parts of encryption and archivation. So, i was succsessful in ripping geometry and SOME textures, but no diffuses for characters. Normals-yes, some speculars-yes, geometry- it have been one of cleanest rips i’ve made. But no diffuses or any other color maps.

People have exported W:TNO content somehow, i believe it is possible to have textures from DOOM too.

P.S. Also, Doom open beta refused even to launch with ripper involved…

DOOM uses ID Tech 6, W:TNO is still ID Tech 5. I think people figured out how to export wolf stuff via the Rage SDK.

Have you tried ripping DOOM retail?

Alas, i have not bought the game yet)
And i’ve ripped from Evil Within demo, so i dont have that game too))

Well I wanted to buy the game anyways.
I will try later and report back with my finds.

Fucking thank you man, I didnt know the models could be ripped this quick after the games release

There has been work on ripping them since the beta.
We have xentax to thank for that.

Damn, thats impressive that. And it would be really sweet to see these models ready for gmod at least

I would like to at least get the main character the Doom Marine and the figurine hidden in the game that looks like the early Doom character. Textures or not.

I will try to get them working and report back.

If anyone gets this to work and manages to successfully extract both shotgun models, I would be most eternally grateful. ETERNALLY!!

If someone happens to make a resource dump of the files after they extract them, I’d be more than willing to assist with porting the weapons in general, as well as any miscellaneous props (like crates, computers, etc.).

Alright bad news, cannot get ninjaripper to work. As in, it does not do anything when I press the capture key.

This guy I saw managed to get The Evil With models with textures

I got some bullshit dll error so doomresex is not working for me.
I am updating some programs, when it is done I will try getting some models off the game, and e will worry about textures later.

I cannot even import the exported FBX files. :s

I’d love to give a hand with importing the props, but thats if anyone can get any props out the game

The OP states that the .FBX files that are exported are using the 2016 format, so you may need to update your importers before you can actually import them.

Oh, sorry, my bad.

Either way though, still hoping someone can manage to rip textures out. Maybe even animations?