Doom 3 Machegunn SMG skin request.

Ok so I was wondering if someone could make a skin for the SMG in gmod like the machinegun skin in Doom 3. If their already is please give me the link. I already found a sound replacment but I want a skin for it please.

Image of Machinegun: - Image of holding it.

Full Image: - Go to the weapons on the left side, then to the Machine gun…
I hope thoughs help out.

But please if someone can create a skin for the SMG in GMod for this I would really appreciate it!

Swep isn’t a skin.
You don’t retexture the model, you change it and it’s animations.

Um. I never said anything about a Swep… I just wanted a reskin for the SMG… o.0

The smg in Doom 3 is a some sort of a futuristic P90 look a like and the smg in Half-Life 2 is Mp7.
How exactly are you going to retexture an Mp7 to look like a completely different weapon without changing the model and animations?