doom 3 monsters

if some one could port these and im not the only one who wants doom 3 stuffs
so these would be nice:
the anoying tick

the no diper waring baby faced churab:

the flaming faced lost soul:

my favorite sloder mounted rocket launching REVNENT!:

everyones favrite walrous face mancubous:

the 2 headed thingy from HELL the maggot:

the four leged bad dogy demon:

the realy bad joke telling cacodemon:

the leter face wana be chainsaw zombie:

the rambo fan commando zombie:

the tentacle form of the comando:

the spider qeen vangery:

the poor srgnt kelly’s possed form SABOTH:

and last but not lest the badass it self THE CYBERDEMON!:

also include a spawn list coz spawnlists are the shit also go look at my dead space necromorphs requst thred i want the necromorphs more than the doom monsterz but thes are good for now…

BESIDES, you spell as hell (hehe) its an awesome idea :smiley: i want these as well woud be grreat!

Lookie what I picked up

the molment i saw those my jaw aculy droped im not kidding so do u think you can resese them?

No, not mine

then who

There private


all the links are gone because of warez

Id software.

mugofdoom huh

No, not Mugofdoom. I PM’ed him about his packs and he said he lost them in a comp re-form. The name of the person who makes them shall not be released

maby pm me and well kep it as a secret promise i do

Then why the hell did you even care to show us the pic? model show off? jeezes

DUDE, Do you want another MarioKart64n leak situation here!? Last time some one did this was with Tikal and Blaze, they then got leaked out because people were looking for them and then Mario got Temp banned again. Do we really want another situation like this?