Doom 3 Player model (w/helmet)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Doom 3 Player model (w/helmet)

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Lucky Charms, eat it without a spoon.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Nothing really to say, It’s a playermodel. Use this to line in the console to use it. Enjoy the video.

lua _PlayerSetModel("1","models/doom3marineplayer.mdl")

Wow! That is VERY nice, Unknown! Great work, once again!

Also, are those Doom 3 SWEPS? Do I have to download them my self, or do they come with the player model?

Very good! Do you mind sharing those SWEPS though? Or are they just custom models?

The shotgun and rocket launcher models are from Dystopia.

And nice job, looks good.


What mod is that for the 3rd person though?

You don’t need a mod for 3rd person, you type thirdperson into the console.

Yah, that’s sweet. Um, could you make v_hands? That would bring it nicely together, that sounded too demanding…

What are those strange weapons?

What is this map?

Cool! And a few questions:

What is that thirdperson lua? I’d like to change yaw and such things.
That explode looked cool. Is it a mod or something?

Good work maaaaN 5/5

How were you able to rotate the thirdperson camera? What tool did you use? By the way, great work!

Haha nice

man i thought this many ideots who can’t read the post above them would post here!

Yeah, that explosion was way better than mine, where did it come from?

The body texture doesn’t work for me, it just shows up as blacka nd pink squares. Strangely enough, the helmet texture does show up okay. A little help here?

crazy wow nice:^)

Greenroom. It’s somewhere, I lost it.

lua _PlayerSetModel(“1”,“models/doom3marineplayer.mdl”)

Doesn’t work for some reason it says
"unknown command lua_playersetmodel

It’s: setmodel doom3marineplayer.mdl

It’s the 3rd person cam mod.

And whats that map?