Doom 3 Zombie Commando

i know doom 3 is old but I’ve wanted this guy for a long time so I’ve gathered this textures and model, anyone up for it?



I support this someone should make this model!

Agreed. It was an awesome game. Come on people!

Hmm funny, i just got this game a while ago, during the sale. I was thinking about grabbing something from it. Wasn’t sure what, i guess i can look into this one, If it need face pose, it might take a while :<


I’ll check this up later in couple hours, gtg out :frowning:

The commandos were the shirtless dudes with the miniguns, right? I ask because I know there’s a Doom 3 zombie guard/soldier guy in this NPC pack I got off of

Starting working on it, you forgot the texture for the whip arm though.


I need dp_tentacle_d and it’s normalmap.

yeah i noticed that to, the texture directories are just everywhere, i will try to look for the normal maps, Thanks for working on it! :smiley:


lol yeah, and that guy you downloaded was zsec zombie the dudes that are the marine zombies


Found it!

Cool. Just so you know, I’m making a custom skeleton for this, so it won’t be an NPC or playermodel, it’ll just be a ragdoll.

EDIT: Just checked, you sent me only the normalmap for the whiparm, I also need the actual texture. I remember the doom3 archives were really jumbled, but I’m going to need it. I can always whip one up (no pun intended) but it would be easier to get the actual one.

Alright heres the other texture lol

So i guess i don’t have to do it.

Done. Excuse the crap pose, it was a 2 minute test.

Release thread:

Thanks For the Credit lol