Doom 4 Release Thread.

For a variety of reasons we decided to make a dedicated release thread.
For Doom 4 texture files and resources see this thread instead.

At the moment all releases listed are for sfm. A handful of garrysmod version do exist made off their sfm counterparts though. Thus all is not lost if that’s what you’re after.
See workshop page for details on each model.

BlueFlytrap’s releases:

Middle click images or click here for sfm workshop links.
Plasma Rifle
UAC Security, Vortex Rifle, Pistol
UAC Elite, Static Rifle, Dlc Pistol
Night Sentinels

Non-workshop downloads:
Combat Shotgun and Supershotgun
Plasma Rifle
Night Sentinels

Expensive alternate models. Requires original counterparts:
Models listed here have visual quirks that, while improvements, severely increase memory consumption and may be even more difficult to work with. Use at your discretion.
Doomslayer (customhero, subsurface scattering)
Cyberdemon (subsurface scattering)
Combat Shotgun and Supershotgun (customhero)
Chaingun (customhero)
Chainsaw (customhero)
Plasma Rifle
Night Sentinels

Deceptor666’s releases:

Middle click images or click here for sfm workshop links.
Grenade Launcher
Burst Rifle
Lightning Gun
Lost Soul

Ageha’s releases:

Middle click image or click here for sfm workshop link. Trumpet not included.

Non-workshop downloads:
Hell Guard

Fredrika’s releases:

Middle click images or click here for sfm workshop links.
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell

Full thumbnail images:[/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T][T]

Awesome models. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing future releases. Also is it possible to post non workshop download file links for HellKnight,Baron of Hell and Toot ?

Thank-you very much for those links.Very much appreciated.

All This is So Awesome! …now i cant wait for the Doomguy Plushies jeje

I think we all know what we’re waiting for…

Got around to playing the game today. So fucking good!

i’ll get around to working on that in due time.

just waiting on that pistol model :slight_smile: great work!

This one was a russian nesting doll of problems one after another.
Pinky added to workshop. A manual link will probably get tossed up if I ever do the spectre.

You’re going to be waiting a while then as there are no plans for that at the moment.

Hi guys, a little doubt: is it possible to port DOOM multiplayer models? Or has anyone already ported them?

We’ve been over this before. Getting unscrambled textures out requires activation of developer debug mode; which disables pretty much all online features.
And this is on top of cracking your copy of the game so that the injector bypasses steam overlay interference. The game also has to restart just to access multiplayer which discards the injector assuming it hooked in the first place.

What do you think? Honestly.

There is a command line option to boot directly into specific modes.

+com_gameMode 2 - Boot into multiplayer (Probably useless, as you mentioned)
+com_gameMode 3 - Boot into Snapmap (Might be a possibility? Has most of the MP stuff)

Seems like all of your mediafire links are down, cant download anything.

Downloads refreshed.
Mediafire killed every single link I had up a few days ago. Been too busy to go through and fix all several hundred.

Reviving this thread.

UAC Security and Elite Guard fixed up and uploaded to the workshop.
Also Did the Vortex Rifle, Static Rifle, and both Pistol while I was at it. Split between submissions because honestly why not.

Turns out the models use neither regular or weighted vertex normals. Id just fucks them up and bakes.
Troublesome to preserve but I managed. Mostly.

I also want to have a Gary mode version …

really, well it’s too bad you get nothing by begging

I’m sorry I can not help but begging?
I just want to do more G-mod pose.
I do not know how to make models or related terms.
My position is nothing but sucking my finger.

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I do not like begging.
I just came to SFM, where I can not do those cool models.
I’m sad because I have to spit … T.T


Got quite the update for everyone today.

New Releases:
-Chainsaw (animated)
-Plasma Rifle
-Combat Shotgun
-Super Shotgun (shells saw a huge improvement)
Everything shown in the above render basically.

I recommend deleting the material folders of any non-workshop download you may have installed before updating. This includes all ch variants.
Reason is in the event it was possible I did lower memory. Would prefer not to leave any unused files on your drive.

Old ch variants will not render properly mounted to newer versions of the workshop variants. If you update one update the other.

Now aside from some new goodies and fancy new recalibrated materials; the biggest part of this update comes from the normalmaps.
Specifically some math to swap tangentspace (mikkt to source) using the now-accessible original vertexnormals. Which is nice and all but what that basically means is I’ve dramatically reduced surface distortion.



It’s not perfect. There is still subtle distortion. It’s going to take me some time to see if perfect conversion to source tangent is even possible.
For now it will have to do. But man it gives some much needed improvement to the older ports.