Doom E1M1 Gmod Series!

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This is the beginning of what I hope to be a long and successful series of Doom for HL2!!! These maps are for single player use, and I will eventually make a multi-player series and a few bonus maps! If you have any good ideas for me please send me an e-mail at and I might use your idea! The first map may be a little short and easy but just remember, in Doom it always starts out short and easy! Im hoping to at least release three of these maps a week, and after I finish the single-player series I will begin on the multi-player series. You will need a texture pack which you can find here, I did not make this texture pack I take no credit for it!!! Just put the Doomtex folder in your garrysmod/materials folder and it should work. If u find a bug or glich or something that just looks out out of place please tell me and I will fix it and update the file as soon as I can. Thank You for your time!!! Seth

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The fact that DooM is from 1993 is not an excuse for making a shitty recreation. Either use the original textures from the game and make an exact copy or make a more detailed version of it, while maintaining the original layout.

But this is pretty horrible.


Oh wait, you are in fact using the original textures, they’re just so awfully tiled. Anyway, the original looks better than this.

I would add detail sheets to those textures if I was you. It will make them slightly less shit when up close.

i had the same idea but it was going to be doom 3 and not as shitty

There has been one for years now.