Doom III Commando

This was requested, so don’t get all upset because it’s not the highest quality model nowadays. Requested by, and mesh/mats provided by Elite Phazon

Finger posing

Bumpmap inversion fix, courtesy of Professor Townsend:

Holy shit that was fast.

That was fast. I remember seeing this in the requests section just a few days ago.

And for some reason, those things looked a lot better in the Doom 3 engine. Probably the lighting system. Not your fault, though.

That was quick. Oh, and I think your bump maps were inverted. Here’s a fix if you want it.

Too right mate, wasn’t even paying attention. Hard to tell when it’s all so low resolution.

When the bump maps are fixed, I’ll be downloading this for sure.

Whoops, didn’t see that. Thanks! :smiley:

What’s it look like with proper normals?

You mean not having any lighting? :v:

Dear god, I thought you were dead.

I’m having hard times finding these halo-like looking soliders. Does anyone have a link to that model?
Grateful in advance.

Search Blacklight on 'cause they’re from the Blacklight: Tango Down game.

Hell yeah. Thank you very very VERY much, RikohZX.

seems id tech engine hates source

Would be nice to have a chaingunner variant too

I can get the Cacodemon model, could you get it ingame?


I just played Doom 3 coop, and i swear to god The Caco looked a million times better in doom 3. Seriously is sources style of lighting so different from ID tech that it completely fucks up how everything looks?

It has to be the lighting.

These are from a UT2004 Invasion mod, though. Maybe that fucked them up?

Tech 4 used a combination of heavy bumpmaps baked from high poly models that were used on extremely low poly models, detail textures, and a notable lack of high amounts of diffuse lighting; Source uses a copious amount of light and higher quality base models in addition to bump mapping.
That’s why porting from one game to the other tends to look really, really bad.