Doom pack

sorry wrong section

So you want all the weapons, enemies and a playermodel modeled and coded for a show?

First you cannot walk in here and demand people do amazingly difficult shit for you. Secondly, this is for ideas to be incorporated into Garry’s mod, not for requests or demands.

People should learn to fucking read.

Wrong section, and someone will probably not do that just for you. That would be a ton of work.

Well Rimlan first STFU!!! don’t be an ass, I am not making a demand of any kind, note that I only intended this as an idea, not comanding anything. and holy shit my mistake for posting in the wrong section I made post after what 3 days of membership, goddamn you could maybe just tell instead of yelling jackass and i’ve taken it down

I am sorry I made you butthurt, madam. Also, you are a complete and worthless retard, you make a shitty thread with demands, in the wrong forum and now also flame at other people because they tell you what shit you did wrong.