Door Access Suggestion:

Currently it’s impossible to have multiple people use your house because only the creator has access to the door. This creates a lot of problems for friends/clans.

I have a few different suggestions for this issue:

1st Suggestion: Allow the owner of the door (person who placed it) to type in the account names of people he wants to allow access to use the door.

2nd Suggestion: Due to the need of securing your loot…people tend to make 20-30 doors for 3-4 story buildings. Lots of doors means spending lots of time adding all the names of people. So one way to cut down the time would be to have a menu that shows all of the doors that you own (maybe you can add a unique title to each door you place so you can identify specific doors easier here…for example on the 1st door to your house you could call it ‘Main Entrance’ etc…), and possibly even having a little map next to this menu that shows where each door is located on the map by some little icon…this makes it so you can give people access to specific doors incase you have multiple houses spread over the map.

Reason for these suggestions: As the game grows, people will want to build and lock down a specific area on the map. To do so requires lots of people/friends. This will solve the headache of players having to build numerous doorways for the same entrance.

Also this can help with raiding. If your raiding a house with 3 buddies, and you put filler-doors after you break down a door, and say you die during the raid, your buddies can still continue the raid without you since they can have access to the doors.

Yes i really think they should add this.
I havent got a key so i have been watching some vids and streams and either they have to make 2 entrances or build separate houses…
So yea i rly think they should add this :wink:

Yeah I mean, this will also cut down on one of the issues they are currently having, which is to many random shacks/houses that get abandoned. I mean, one reason you see all these houses/shacks currently is because they have friends nearby that they want to live near…however are forced to create their own instead of just moving in with their friend. And because they have to build an entirely new house for every friend, oftentimes they get raided before they have any good security. Then the raiders steal everything inside the house and the house gets abandoned because it either gets boarded up or the owner decides its not secure enough and decides to re-build elsewhere.

Or like a buddy list, and your buddies can have access to the doors?

Well the problem with that is…then nobody will add anybody to their buddy list that they have not known for a LONG time.

And even then, you don’t want ALL your friends to have open access to your in-game loot…to easy to get stolen.

However, your idea can kind of work with mine. Like, each door can give you an option like: Manage Door Access, and when you click on it, it shows your buddy list and lets you select the ones you want to give access to.

I mostly agree, but naming individual doors seems convoluted. Once there’s some sort of friends list in place (if that’s even part of the plan), being able to group people into a “trusted” group (or better yet custom groups) would probably be easier to manage. Then being able to apply any of those groups to a door using a contextual menu or something would be the bees knees.

Yeah that actually seems a lot smarter. That way you can just setup the group on each door while you make it, and add/remove people to that group when need be at any point/position in the game.

Hopefully they do something like this

Just had a thought. What if you had groups that you were able to add people to, and you could assign doors to these groups so that anyone in the groups associated with the doors could open them.

Yes, that is exactly what LeStache was talking about, sounds like the smartest/simplest way to go about it.