Door Animations and model question.

Hey, how would I get a 2 piece sliding door in garrysmod as a SENT and in Hammer as a door or whatever it has to be? thanks.

This is the second thread you’ve made asking the exact same question.

You would need to make the door model first (if you want it as a SENT in gmod) then compile it for Source, which I’m definitely not explaining. As for making the SENT, I have no idea since I don’t know how to LUA script for shit.

For hammer you could easily make a sliding door using brushes and custom textures, then make it a func_door brush entity and configure the properties to suit it best. If you want to use a model then you could just parent the model to an invisible “dummy” func_door brush.

the reason for the 2nd thread it because in the middle of me posting, i got an unusual BSoD and i wasn’t sure it was sent.

As for the door, It’s a model with animations.