Door Camping

Can something be done with how fast you can open/close doors?
As of now, it makes raiding harder than it needs to be.
If you try to raid a big complex with multiple defenders they force you to play whack a mole with them popping our randomly out of doors that they can instantly close.
Could a 2-3 second animation be added on opening/closing doors that forces you to think when defending?


You are raiding someone. It should be hard. It’s their house and you should have no advantages going in, and you should also plan for and be aware of this.

Basically: no

Raiding is too hard? O.O
The idea of having an animation with ur hand to open doors is nice. BUT its a possible source of bugs at the moment, later definetely. Maybe just a timer so the door needs longer to be closed or opened.

raiding is too easy already…

It is when you try to raid a big and occupied complex :frowning:
Some of our guys were killed while hunting, so we mobilized and pushed them back to their base(which was hilariously close to ours).
We then spent an hour playing whack a mole with them, then gave up after we broke down 2 of their doors.
Them popping out of doors to unleash a flurry of bullets every couple of seconds got old :confused:

“Raiding is too easy”
Not everyone targets joe schmoe’s wooden love shack or dupes c4.

Nah, i understand ur problem, it’s not about the fighting. Its quiet unfair, because always the person who abuses alpha-bugs wins. The dmg calculation isn’t correct, shot a guy with a bow, headshoted him on my screen and he was dead, but the server was a bit laggy so he had the time to shoot me and i died. On my pc he was dead first, on his pc he got hitmarkers but could shoot at me and died after it, and the server calculated both versions, and we both died XD
Just make checklist for the devs:
-overwork the doors: no more instaclose/instaopen, takes a while to close/open it, character needs to be closer to the door to open it.
-make the survival part harder and the biggest part in the game, and the raiding as an option and not the only endgame part.


Door camping works both ways, yesterday I killed a guy I was raiding (large, but wooden doored base) by guessing which doors will he pop from and camping there with an arrow on my bowstring.

And… raiding IS too easy. When there’s defenders it is meant to be hard.

Big -1 to putting a cooldown on door open/close.

If people are dumb enough to open a door when they know an enemy is outside … seriously they don’t know what they are doing. It’s easy enough to make a second floor and just shoot from where even if they die, no one can steal their stuff.

Currently building in a way that makes buildings pretty much unraidable is really easy, with taking over 50 C4s to get somewhere even in small buildings makes raiding seriously hard. However I think thats good. It’s bad for having a stable environment if all your progress gets lost every single time you get attacked. Going out your door should be hard, should be a risk, but in order to make the game fun for a longer time you need to be able to build something up. If it would be too easy to destroy a heavily armed and occupied fortress then there would be no point in building one in the first place.