Door Closing and Opened sounds

Hi, have you ever noticed that when a door is fully opened, no sounds are played and when the door closes no sounds are played too ?
It only happens in multiplayer, indeed in singleplayer all sounds are played perfectly.

This problem ruins the map ambience and is very disturbing.

It happens with all maps by the way.

So please for the next garry’s mod update, fix that problem.

They do work perfectly in multiplayer.

Blame map creators for not setting up doors properly in their maps.

Even though a workaround fix for those cases will be added in the next update.

yes it work for your map cause your door is in the middle of your room but put a door between two walls with a frame around and you will see the sounds are not played

A func_door by the way

why disagree ? Explain me

Watch this video, it explains all the problem

Because thats not an issue with the door frame

I’m asking why it doesn’t make sound, not why it doesn’t make a sound in a frame

It should be fixed on the dev branch.